Certified care reliability with the VPS System

A genuine step forward

The new, patented VPS System (VPS = Vacuum Pressure Socket) is a sub-ischial prosthesis socket that functions without structural elements such as side or base support or all-round holding of the ischial bone branch, and without muscular blocking. It is classified under item in the list of auxiliary equipment.

The VPS System offers users a maximum of additional comfort in everyday life and at work.

Technicians using the VPS System must first obtain certification through participation in a seminar. At these seminars they are taught the special casting techniques as well as adaptation of the VPS System during static and dynamic fitting on patients.

The certificate is personal and non-transferable.

We ensure a high level of care quality: each insured person receives an own serial number for his/her care. Cost carriers can obtain this number from the service provider and verify it with Vogel Orthopädie Technik. This guarantees that the approved care has actually been carried out with the VPS System.

Satisfied members

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