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VPS System

The prosthesis socket for improved quality of life

Running free

The VPS System is an innovative, sub-ischial prosthesis socket that offers people maximum comfort and mobility following an upper-leg amputation. It makes such effective use of the inactive zones between the remaining muscle groups that the VPS System is suitable even for users with low mobility. As osseous side or base support points are no longer required, pressure areas are a thing of the past and even the sensitive hygiene area remains free. All everyday movements can be performed without restrictions – even cycling is no problem.

Your advantage in terms of mobility and independence

“I am absolutely delighted. I cycle a lot and no longer get caught on the saddle thanks to my new prosthesis socket. Even long tours are now possible.”

Frank from Hilden (VPS System user since 2019)

Benefits for users

Full involvement in both everyday life and at work Your new prosthesis socket fits like a second skin. The muscles can still move freely, meaning that you can use your prosthesis safely and reliably in all circumstances. Thanks to the VPS System the socket does not extend into the hygiene area either. For maximum freedom and mobility.

Benefits for technicians

Customers receive optimum care   The VPS System is a sub-ischial socket system whose stability is achieved by using the inactive zones between the main muscle groups. Interested orthopaedic technicians can be certified for the VPS System. It is suitable for all mobility categories. 

Benefits for cost carriers

Satisfied members Cost carriers are faced with the challenge of providing their insured persons with technical innovations whilst taking account of economic factors. The new VPS System makes this possible.