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The socket of an upper-leg prosthesis is the basis of all care: the better its functionality, the finer your control over the prosthesis. The greater the comfort, the greater the mobility for users. The VPS System combines all these advantages – and as a result delights an ever increasing number of prosthesis wearers.

Schulung VPS-System

Who we are

“I have been involved in the art of making prostheses since 1995. At the focal point of optimum care are the needs of the individual user. It is therefore important from the outset to understand the wishes and aims of the patient, and to decide jointly on how these can be achieved. Only in this way is it possible to achieve the best result and to create the perfect prosthesis for an amputee.

I have never stood still during my professional career. In addition to numerous further-training measures, I have repeatedly improved existing production prototypes on my own initiative and tried out new techniques with new materials.

This enables me to develop innovative products such as the muscle-controlled VPS System.”

Tobias Vogel, Master Orthopaedic Technician


Our values

Vogel Orthopädie Technik is an innovative company where everything revolves around the needs of the customers. Thanks to our expertise, reliability and extensive experience, we develop products that significantly facilitate the everyday life of prosthesis wearers.

We wish to enable people with a disability to live a life on an equal footing with those without disabilities.

Physiotherapy with prosthesis